You Gotta Sing Loud

Mar 14

“How would you like to die?
Laughing, of course.” — Suzy Knickerbocker in Vanity Fair


Mar 13

It Ain’t About The Money

Jessie J rockin’ SNL

Mar 11

“Today you, tomorrow me.”

Feb 14

Jeff Jarvis "Gutenberg of Arabia"

Feb 13

Coney Island

Betty Grable, Phil Silvers, George Montgomery & Cesar Romero - by the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea, in 1943.

On TMC right now - step right up.

Feb 08

“"I do strongly encourage people to get out and hear live music in an intimate setting, not in some huge place with some chick doing aerobics wearing a telephone operator’s wire…you’re missing out if you think that’s what live music is.” — Rick Estrin” —

"Yes, Nick Bilton…. You are an embarrassment."

Bless Denny Hatch, suffering no churls gladly.


Feb 07


Feb 03

"I don’t care if you hate the Eagles, you’ve got to watch this show."

Jim Lefsetz on the music, as always. The Eagles - Live on BBC-TV 1973

Thanks Jim.

Feb 01

Ride the Whip